17 Dec 2013
December 17, 2013

Happy Holidays

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We hope everyone is exited and ready for Christmas.  If you have a natural Christmas tree keep the water full, in our home we use sugar water that we make up by warming water and adding sugar or a sweet syrup like pancake syrup.  We let it cool then store it in a gallon container to use to keep the tree base full.  We feel the moister the tree the longer the needles will stay on and the safer it is with the Christmas lights.

Its always a good idea to check your extension cords to your decorations periodically, especially if you have pets that like to chew.

Christmas is the time to change out those detector batteries and if your smoke detectors are 10 years old or older or your CO2 detectors are 5 years old or older it’s time to replace them now

Happy Holidays to all from us here at BCL Electric!

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